A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Tom “first fell in love with The Beatles at just about the same time as they were breaking up. Abbey Road had just been released and suddenly, music was all I cared out.”

He first picked up the guitar around the same time, when he was 8 years old, after finding and falling in love with his father’s old folk guitar. “I begged my parents to buy Beatles records and get me some guitar lessons on the old acoustic I’d found. Then the next year, I started a band with some talented kids from the neighborhood who were all in the fourth grade with me.” That band played together all the way through primary and secondary school where Tom won numerous awards at music competitions. While still in high school he studied jazz improvisation, theory, arranging and composition with Frank Sumares at Diablo Valley Junior College, and at eighteen moved to Los Angeles to attend Cal State Northridge where he was chosen for the prestigious touring “B” Jazz Band with renowned composer and orchestrator, Ladd MacIntosh. He went on to further study at San Jose State, where he played in Greg Yazinitsky’s Jazz Ensemble, and then to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he finished his college training.

Tom stayed on in Boston for awhile afterwards, playing in various touring bands, including The Motor City Dance Band and True Blue (aka The Trademarks), before returning to the San Francisco area to pursue a career in original music, and to his musical roots. “After all my travels and varied study, I came back to the British pop that had got me into music in the first place, and still thoroughly enjoy playing and composing in that vein.” Tom is also heavily into buying and selling vintage musical gear and uses it to record his own music (and Dawdlers’ demos), some of which has been featured on some cable television shows.

Also a longtime lead guitarist and vocalist with local rock act, Lumberyard and occasional sub in the “George” role in Bay Area Beatles tribute band, The Sun Kings, Tom is founding member of the original recording acts The Magpies and Hive, as well as the local classic pop cover group, The Dawdlers, with his longtime performing partner and singer, James Funk, and continues to write and record his own music for several projects, among them, The Chiselers.

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